This is the story of two childhood friends - Lucas (a 16-year-old high-schooler) and Bert (a mechanic’s apprentice) - who flee the suffocating fish bowl that their killjoy families’ lives have become. Lucas, still quite immature, finds a “big brother” in Bert, a guide who is going to take him straight to the brink of catastrophe. But very quickly, boredom resurfaces and the freewheeling sense of being on an adventure evades them. Should they return to the fold, or keep moving on? Their drifting logic compels them to blindly forge ahead.

Theatrical release in Belgium
13 January 2016

Shooting format HD
Sound Dolby 5.1
Ratio 1:1.85
Running time 85'
Original version french
Subtitles english / dutch
Year of production 2015